Together for Tourism Futures

TF2 works with your business at 3 distinct levels; Organisational, Operational and Individual. The project is designed to firstly identify and define the environment in which a business functions. Internal policies, procedures and standards are then established to deliver agreed goals through the development of key individuals within the company.

TF2 is designed to provide businesses with a sustainable ‘futures cycle’ within the arena of staff training and development, this is achieved through a process of discovery, agreement, design, delivery, review and adjustment. 

Business focussed model resources will be moulded to meet individual business requirements and these will provide the blocks for the building process. Quality standards are established to ensure that staff who are delivering the skills training do so at appropriate and recognised levels. In-house tutors, mentors and coaches are developed at all levels to ensure occupational competence across the board.

Collective events will also operate on a rolling basis, these will be responsive to themes generated by members and will encourage a collaborative approach and provided a forum for peer support. 

Member businesses will benefit from bespoke intervention and action under each of the following themes: Recruit and Retain, Perform and Measure, Train and Develop, Recognise and Reward.

Any businesses interested in joining the TF2 programme should contact NFET.

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